Axialis AX-Cursors

Axialis AX-Cursors 4.5

Ax -cursors is an utility for the creation of cursors for our operating system
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Ax -cursors is a great utility for the creation of cursors for our operating system. Provide a wide range of options for the creation and configuration of cursors. Very easy to use, offers the user a great advantage in the creation and edition of image files to be used as cursors.

It is a shareware program developed for Windows 98 and later, the latest version available of the program is being 4.51 supported up to Windows Xp. Its system requirements are: Pentium class CPU - 350 Mhz , 65636 color video card - 800x600, 64 MB RAM, Microsoft Windows 95 or NT 4.0. and Microsoft ComCtl32 v4.72 or + - To use an Explorer ® like Toolbar (install provided with the program) - Already installed with Windows 98, 2000 and Internet Explorer 4.01 + that provide us a great advantage in performance.

It provides options for the insertion of images, format and resolution of cursors, exploration of libraries and management of them. It is a very economical and complete at the same time, if you wish to edit your own cursors this program is the option to do it.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Very complete options
  • Import and Export of Images
  • Cursor Library Manage


  • It’s an old version
  • Shareware
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